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Registration Details

About Vihangam

Ours is a non profit organization registered as per institute registration law of year 1860 No 21 under society registration number: Maha 697/2018/Pune on 25 April 2018. Our public trust registration number is F516521/Pune dated 26/10/2018 under Mumbai public trust act of year 1950 No.29   
80G No: AACTV9147R23PN01



Spirituality, religious coping, and religious belief are better predictors of happiness and quality of life. Therefore, the aim of our organization is to foster ancient knowledge, culture, science, and values with advanced technology to build mentally, physically super-powered, vigorous, bright, talented, and blissful human beings across the Globe. The organization is premeditated to have different centers/units which are planned to correlate, assist and promote each other. All centers/units are planned innovatively to blend and mold in one multi-dimensional multi-national techno holistic hub which will help to fetch body +Mind +soul spirit level happiness for the human life and also to serve for the development and uplifting of mankind. 

Introduction in English

Introduction in Marathi



Carving the Hall Marks as an organization for the multidimensional holistic development of mankind.



  • To execute value-added training programs for higher educational institutes’ all kinds of human resources including top leaders to non-teaching staff.

  • To educate the community for multidimensional life skills, personality & holistic development.

  • To create an impact in building a peaceful, blissful & harmonious community.



  • The main objectives of our Vihangam Techno Holistic Organization are conducting educational, spiritual, health, and social activities.  

  • As per our educational objectives, we provide support, guidance, and training to teachers, students & non-teaching fraternities in and around India for their personality development, holistic development, leadership skill development, and teaching skills development. 

  • We establish tie-ups with educational institutes to carry out free seminars/webinars/workshops/training-courses/counseling/guidance activities for improving the quality of education. 

  • Another main objective is conducting spiritual activities for all age groups of people in the society and community. 

  • We plan, design & conduct online and offline meditation, life skill development workshops, programs, faculty development programs, seminars, short-term courses, and counseling for community people for their holistic & spiritual development.

  • Execute collaborative research in the area of metaphysics and spiritual aspects.

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