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7th Heaven

Centre for Human Development

This center runs for executing various activities for 11th-dimensional human development of all age groups. It has seven heavens (units) Garbham Unit (Before Birth), Shishuaum Unit (0-7 years), Balyam Unit (8-13 years), Kumaram Unit (14-18 years), Tarunam Unit (19-24 years), Gruhstahm Unit (25-60 years), Vrudham (61–100-year age). All those seven heavens (units) are holding body-mind-soul-spirit level programs based on Indian spiritual, ancient, culture, and advanced science for holistic and multidimensional development of human being like educating women before conception, educating male before childbirth, yoga, nutrition, ancient techniques for building peace and bliss, imparting holistic education to pregnant woman for womb development, counseling, and consultancy for all age groups by organizing various online/offline, onsite/residential events, programs, seminars, conferences, workshops, symposiums, webinars, podcasts, etc.

Our Story Dnyanam
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