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Shodhnam Center


Research & Mobility Center

We collaborate with different educational institutes to assist them in grooming multidimensional, mentally strong, and well-balanced personalities of students including their behavior, attitude, and values. Our highly specialized, well-known, reputed experts team in the respective field has designed the following value-added certificate courses to enrich the conventional curriculum for the holistic and all-around development of students as well as teachers. Each course is developed considering age groups, type of institutes and the educational program being imparted. As per the need of the institute, our expert team will execute very well chalked out, short programs & certificate courses finely tuned with yar day to day schedule.

This center carries out the following activities:


  • Facilitating space, infrastructure, equipment, resources, materials, data and human resources for executing research based on all activities of Vihangam techno holistic organization. 

  • Executing research activities, research degrees and certificate courses related to objectives of our techno holistic hub area.

  • Running research courses on quantum physics, advanced science, spiritual principles, occult science and metaphysics, vibrations, thought process and its impact, frequency matching and creating to desired wishes. 

  • Publishing case studies of all above units in research magazines, journals and its wider publicity across the globe to help a human being. 

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