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People from all over the world have been joining hands & supporting our cause of Vihangam from all around the world. 

We at Vihangam are a complete transparent organisation and thus, we have mentioned the names of some of our major donors.

Bank Details
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Donations to Vihangam are exempted under 80G


Acount Name:

Account Number:

IFSC Code:



Vihangam Techno Holistic Organization



Indian Bank, NIBM Branch, Pune

Send your donation information on mail: to

Donation Boxes



1: Volunteer Opportunity

We seek your contributions in any center or unit as:

  1. Our voluntary/regular/part-time directors/managers/co-ordinators employee/clerical /office staff.

  2. Volunteer team members of our experts/consultants/counselors for any above unit, centers based on your knowledge and skills.

  3. Team members (paid basis depending upon your time engagement) of our experts/consultants/counselors for any above unit, centers based on your knowledge and skills.

  4. Becoming our resource persons/executors/trainers for conducting any programs based on your knowledge and skills.

  5. Our facility seeker.

  6. Sponsoring any programs.

  7. Donating and giving funds (We are a state and central government-recognized) organization and can provide income tax rebate certificates).

  8. Donations in any form (land/space/facilities/instruments/books etc)

What are your benefits?

  1. You will be entitled but not limited to the following benefits while working with us:

  2. Listed on the working team of our organization.

  3. Opportunity for social & noble work at the National level as our organization is a registered authorized trust.

  4. Receive a certificate from our organization for your social and other contributions:

  5. Will get an income tax rebate for your financial contributions.

  6. Receive a special concession in course fees for attending our seminars/ workshops/ programs.

  7. Access to the latest developments in your field of expertise & to study its results/ outcome of implementations.

  8. Establish yourself as a well-known expert in your field.

  9. Gain a platform to introduce your ideas by actively participating in the development process.

  10. Career prospects with our organizations & Strengthening of your resume. > name & fame.

Donation Boxes

2: Internship/Project/NSS/Social Work Opportunity

Contact us for executing your internship, project work, mini projects, NSS and social activities in the work areas of marketing/ leadership/ teaching/ social/ educational/ spiritual /health. We can provide and guide you for completing your tasks successfully. 

Donation Boxes

3: Institution/School Association

Any school/college/institute can form memorandum of associations for carrying out yearly activities. See details under Dnyanam center.

Donation Boxes

4: Government/Corporate Associations

Inclination towards social responsibility and contribution to sustainable development is fast becoming the mark of distinction for global brands. Fulfil your corporate social responsibilities (CSR) goals with us by supporting high-impact programmes in education, healthcare, and spiritual progress. We welcome CSIR funding for executing activities of your interests for spiritual/educational and health related activities.

Donation Boxes

5: Share About Vihangam

Share news of Vihangam Techno Holistic Organization with your online network. Write about us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, share the link of Vihangam website, share our Announcement with your friends and followers, or embed our links on your own website.

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