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Prasadanam Center


Publications & Broadcasting Center

We at Vihangam are involved with a wide range of activities that, needs to be brought in front of the world. Doing this gives us the opportunity to not only publicize our works at Vihangam but also serves as a medium to motivate people in society to do their responsibilities towards society.

This center is meant for performing following activities:


  • Facilitating library and reading room facility for all center/unit’s facility seeker and resource persons.

  • Facilitating lecture halls, conference hall in hub area with broad casting facility all over the globe. 

  • Human resource mobilization, collaborations & administrations of trainers/ educators/persons/consultants with other similar existing organizations from the globe to work together, exchange ideas, utilize & facilitate their resources.

  • Publicizing, disseminating and publishing events of all centers on website, internet, YouTubes, vlogs, newspapers, magazines and newsletters etc.

  • Providing/selling/import-export of holistic and cultural food items /medicines /books/CDs/magazines/journals and spiritual, mystical, sacred, holistic, occult, items.

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